Week 14 and 15

Week 14: No classes due to Thanksgiving break.

Check you have done your assignments by Tue Dec. 3, 6pm (11:59PM for essay)

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Wed. Dec. 4: Qing dynasty, part 2

  •  Hansen, Valerie. The Open Empire: A History of China to 1800Chapter 11, part 2 (to end of Ch. 11)
  • Shen, Fu. Six Records of a Floating Life. Trans. by Leonard Pratt and Chiang Su-hui. Penguin Classics. Harmondsworth, Middlesex, England: Penguin, 1983. (PDF)
          • Selection highlighted with red brackets, pp. 33-36; full chapter provided in case you are interested. Shen Fu and his wife Chen Yun were married twenty-three years, but had known each other from childhood.
  • Selection from The Search for Modern China: Documentary Collection. Third Edition. Edited by Janet Chen, Pei-Kai Cheng, and Michael Lestz, with Jonathan Spence. New York: W.W. Norton and Co., 2014. (PDF)
          • Lord Macartney was given the task to open up diplomatic and trade relations between China and England, essentially demanding that the Qing emperor treat the king of England as a peer, not as a vassal (as would normally be the case through the tribute system). This selection includes excerpts from Marcartney’s report, and the Qianlong emperor’s response to King George III’s request for diplomatic relations in the European style.
  • Slides (Gdrive link)
  • Google form for timeline and map suggestions.

Fri. Dec. 6: Conclusions and evaluations

Looking forward: Hansen, The Open Empire, “Epilogue” will bring you up to speed to the present day.

Looking back:

  • Look through the course contents from the previous 14 weeks. Which texts stood out? Which topics fascinated you most? Which exercises (in class or as writing assignments) did you enjoy most? Which activities or texts made you learn the most (even if perhaps not your favorite)?
  • Be prepared to share what you liked a lot and did not like so much, what improvements can be made to the course, and what tips you would give to future students of this course.
  • Think back to your participation and engagement in this course; what are you proud of? what would you do differently next time?

Mon. Dec. 9: Submit all written work

  • 11 weekly reflections
  • 2 primary source analyses
  • 1 final essay
  • Entries for the map and timeline for your assigned class period (sheet 2)
  • Extensions only available by express request via e-mail.
  • Make sure the link to your Google Folder or website is correct on the Canvas page