Week 1 (Aug. 30 – Sept. 5)

Table of Contents

To do

Anytime this week

Please fill out this form to help me understand a bit better who’s in class, and how I can best help you learn. It is a a brief anonymous survey, with three sections. I hope you can take the 15 mins (max!), and the final section will be very useful to know if we need to take sections of the course online.

By Monday 11.59PM

  1. Email me an image that is meaningful to you, and that you’d like to share with the class (can be picture of you/family/holiday/pet, but also art work, object,…). Let me know your preferred name to address you in class. (I know nobody is Lord Buckethead, he’s in the UK and not signed up at the College!) I will add all images to a Google Slides document and they will come up randomly.
  • In class on Tuesday, you will share in about three sentences what that image means to you, and why it’s important for you. Keep it short so we all get a chance. After class, I will share the slides, and you can add speaker notes to your image, and comment on other students’ image.

By Tuesday 3.30PM (start of class)

Bring to class your notes, or add directly to the document your thoughts, ideas, and responses to the prompts in this Google Doc, to help collectively build our course syllabus.

You can add comments and use @ mentions as well. Be bold, dream big! Or as James Clear puts it: “When making plans, think big. When making progress, think small.” We’re in the planning phase.

By Thursday 3.30PM (start of class)

Set up your personal Domain/blog. Don’t wait until the last minute to do this; in fact: Wednesday is a great time to do this! Use the instructions on the webpage: Set up your blog and create a first post.

This looks more complicated than it is, but I have faith in you! If you really can’t make this work after about 15-20 minutes or so, come to class and I’ll see if I can help you or if need to go to the Digital Learning team. (They’re really cool to know anyway, you should all visit the Hive in Trexler Library or take one of their webinars). Sometimes computers just don’t cooperate.

Digital Learning Team assistance available: Thursday Sept. 2: 6-7PM, via Zoom (yes, they can solve tough cases that way!) Details: see this poster

By Friday 11.59PM

Check your email, I should have information for you:

  • either the tasks and materials for Week 2 are ready for you on the website
  • or I have an ETA (estimated time of arrival) for when Week 2 is ready for you to dive in.