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From archaeology finds to new interesting publications, if you find news on the web about China before 1800, send me a link and I’ll put it here, or send me a link to your own blog’s post so I can share it with the class.

  • Visualizations of borders of China November 3, 2019
    On this website you will find 8 videos what show the changes in the territory of the Chinese states throughout the ages. (You may want to switch off the sound, the music is rather… of a particular taste). FYI: There is scholarly debate about the Tang dynasty’s control over the far northeastern part (present-day Manchuria), based ...
  • Music for Dunhuang: creative reconstruction November 2, 2019
    Musicians who observed the large number of references to music performances and musical instruments in the mural paintings of the Dunhuang caves have creatively recreated music. There is a brief video clip from a recording in this newspaper article.
  • Song dynasty stone carving of money November 1, 2019
    A rock carving with depictions of money: strings of coins, but also the jiaozi bank notes from the Song dynasty- i.e. the oldest paper money. It was found in Chongqing (a location where iron currency was also used during the Song). Watch this short video to learn more: Stone Carving of World’s Earliest Banknote “Jiaozi” Discovered ...
  • Recipes from the Song dynasty and beyond recreated. November 1, 2019
    Enterprising graduate students at the University of Michigan documented their attempt to recreate a Song dynasty recipe for alcohol, and posted it on Youtube. Prof. Brown has also tried her hand at recreating other recipes, check out her blog! (Don’t try to brew alcohol until you’re 21 in the US!)