Assignments end of week 7

By Friday Oct. 11:
  • Check this spreadsheet to find your peer for peer review (your name is in column G, peer reviewer’s name is in column A), and make your Primary Source Analysis available to them (share Google doc with their e-mail address or e-mail Word, PDF format. Convert Pages to PDF or Word doc.)
By Tue. Oct. 15, 6PM:
  • Weekly reflection on materials from week 7 (Oct. 11).
        • Strive to make connections between materials and class content covered earlier in the course.
  • Google form with your suggestions for map and timeline entries for class on Fri. Oct. 11 class.
By Wed. Oct. 16, 11:59PM:
  • Do the peer review using this form.
  • Send the peer review to the writer, and to me (share the document, or e-mail)

Declaration: Read this carefully and then go to Canvas to fill out the quiz:

  • I e-mailed my Primary Source Analysis to my peer reviewer.
  • I completed my weekly reflection.
  • I filled out the google form with suggestions of dates and locations for the timeline and map entries.
  • I will have the peer review completed by Wednesday Oct. 16, 11:59PM or  I have contacted my peer and the professor about a delay.