Assignments end of week 8

All assignments due by Tuesday, Oct. 22, 6pm.

  • Weekly reflection on materials chosen from week 8.
          • Strive to make relevant connections between materials and class content covered earlier in the course, or in other courses and/or other experiences.
  • Google Form with suggestions for map and timeline entries for materials covered in connection with the class on Wed. Oct. 16.
  • Google Form with suggestions for map and timeline entries for materials covered in connection with the class on Fri. Oct. 18.

Peer reviews:

  • You have been assigned two websites or Google Folders to visit on this spreadsheet (Gdrive link) and leave constructive comments. Your name is in column A, you will visit the work of the students in columns I and J for this round. Find the links to the websites on this Canvas page.
            • For websites: Use to leave comments on these websites, using the group “HST269“. (If you have trouble with, please check the help guide, and visit the Hive (Trexler, B06))
            • For the google drive folders: Use Google comments or “suggesting” (not editing) to leave feedback and comments.
  • OPTIONAL EXTRA: visit more students’ folders and sites, and leave additional constructive comments. (Hint: this looks good for “Learning Commons” participation)
  • REMEMBER: you can also leave constructive feedback in the form of helping your fellow students with getting back on track. Do you have study tips, fool-proof methods to get the writing done, or superpowers in planning and organization? Share them with your peers if you see they’re not quite up to date with all their assignments.

Course feedback:

  • Fill out this simple google form. Your e-mail address or name are NOT recorded, this is anonymous. Your feedback helps me to make this a better course for the remainder of the semester, and for future generations of students. Be honest, and share your tips for improvement!

Heads-up: Second primary source analysis!

The first version of your second primary source analysis is due on Nov. 8. You get a chance to rewrite it, but of course the better your first version, the more useful the feedback will be! Think about the feedback you received on the first analysis, and incorporate that in your new analysis.

You may pick texts from the start of the semester, but at least one of them should be from Oct. 2 or later classes. (A detailed list will follow soon)

Start thinking about possible topics, lines of thought, and texts you want to have a close look at; we will make some time on Wed. or Fri. to look at some possibilities.

Declaration: Read this carefully, then go to Canvas and fill out the quiz:

  • I have written my weekly reflection, and tried to  make relevant connections with earlier course material, or other courses.
  • I filled out the google forms with suggestions for locations and dates for the map and timeline.
  • I have provided feedback on the weekly reflections of the two students I was assigned.
        • I used comments and “suggesting” for files on google drives
        • I used comments in the group “HST269”
  • OPTIONAL EXTRA: I visited other students’ written work and provided constructive feedback, and I added their names in column K and onwards on my line.
  • I filled out the Mid-term Course Evaluation form.
  • I am brainstorming ideas for the second primary source analysis (first version due Nov. 8).