Assignments end of week 4 and Primary Source Analysis 1

Due by Sept. 27, 11.59PM:

Draft of first Primary Source Analysis (link to syllabus description)

  • Format: google doc (<–use this template):
        • “shared” settings set to “anyone at Muhlenberg can comment” for peer review purposes.
        • Line spacing 1.5.
        • Use paragraphs.
        • Use footnotes and add a bibliography; use Chicago “notes and bibliography” style.
        • Tip: references on the website are provided in the Chicago bibliography style; adjust them when citing in footnotes.
  • 800 words (excl. footnotes, bibliography), ±10% for final version.
        • First version is not graded, don’t panic if you’re not yet at 800 words on Friday night: submit what you have.
  • Rewrite: possible, based on feedback and peer reviews.
  • List of materials

Due by Sept. 24, 6PM:

  • Weekly reflection the materials/class connected to Wednesday Sept. 18 or Friday Sept. 20.
  • Google form for places and dates for Wed. Sept. 18’s class and materials.
  • Google form for places and dates for Fri. Sept. 20′ class and materials.
        • Tip: If you can’t find three place names or dates: do a bit of extra research (e.g.: dates of the writers? locations connected to Qin’s development?), and if you’re really stuck, as a last resort: enter random text for the entries you can’t come up with.
  • Make a list of big themes and topics covered so far through primary sources, and bring to class on Wed. Sept. 25:
        • Think about connections between primary sources: e.g. “government structures”, “family values”,… rather than “bronzes”, “Zhou dynasty”
        • Look through fellow students’ weekly reflections to find inspiration; definitely leave a comment if they sparked an idea.

Declaration: Read the following carefully, then go to Canvas and fill out the quiz. (This helps me to keep an overview)

  • I wrote my weekly reflection covering materials for the class on either Sept. 18 or 20.
  • I made suggestions using the google forms for the timeline and map, for both classes (Sept. 18 and Sept. 20)
  • I have a list of big topics or themes that we have covered in the course through primary sources, to be used in class on Wed. Sept. 25.
  • I am getting started on my primary source analysis, and will submit a first version on Sept. 27.