Assignments end of week 3

Please complete the following by Tuesday, Sept. 17, 6pm

  • Weekly reflection on the materials/class connected to Wednesday Sept. 11 or Friday Sept. 13
    • Try to see what larger questions are returning from one week to the next, and what connections or evolutions you see: differences, continuities, breaks with tradition, contradictions etc.
  • Google form with your suggestions for timeline and map points
    • Note: the form this week covers both Wednesday’s and Friday’s class
  • Peer review of your fellow students’ reflections:
    • You have been assigned three websites or Google Folders to visit (you can visit more, and leave more comments!) on this spreadsheet (Gdrive link). Your name is in column A, you will visit the websites in columns B, C, and D for this round. Find the links to the websites on this Canvas page.
    • For websites: Use to leave comments on these websites, using the group “HST269“.
      • If you have trouble with, please check the help guide, and visit the Hive (Trexler, B06)
      • Only comment on posts in the “HST137” category, i.e. assignments for this course.
    • For the google drive folders: Use Google comments (not editing!) to leave feedback and comments.
    • Leave at least two comments for each website, using two of these options:
      • I like … (positive points)
      • You could maybe … (suggestion for taking it to the next level, improvements)
      • Can you teach me … (for a feature on the website or in the Folders/Google docs you’d like to use, too: captions for images, hyperlinks, menu, organization,…)
    • You may add more comments, including tips for improving the sentences, pointing out spelling/typos etc.

Declaration: Read the following carefully, then go to Canvas and fill out the quiz:

  • I have written my weekly reflection according to the guidelines from the syllabus
  • I strive hard to create connections between materials across different sessions and weeks.
  • I have filled out the Google form, suggesting three entries for the map and three for the timeline.
  • I have visited the sites or folders of the students I was assigned for feedback
  • I left comments as requested: using the group HST137, or Google comments
  • I left at least two comments per assigned folder or site, using two of these options:
    • I like …
    • You could maybe …
    • Can you teach me …