Assignments end of week 2

Deadline for these smaller assignments: Tuesday September 10, 6pm

  • Weekly Reflection on your website (category HST269) or in your google drive folder.
    • Google drive users: check the set-up below, and please add your name to the document. This makes it much easier to keep track of who’s piece we’re reading. Thanks!
  • Google form for map and timeline points for class on Fri. Aug. 30
  • Google form for map and timeline points for class on Wed. Sept. 4
  • Google form for map and timeline points for class on Fri. Sept. 6
  • Triangle-square-circle exit ticket (Wed. Sept. 4): if you didn’t handed it in on Friday (or shared electronically), please share the document, or e-mail a photo.
  • In-class assignment on the Zhou dynasty bronze inscriptions. You can submit one document for your group, e-mail a photo, scan, or share electronically.

If you have a google folder, please check it’s set up in this way. This will make things easier to share in future, as you start looking at each other’s work.

  • Create a folder, not just an individual document to share.
  • Select the folder in your drive, and click in the top right corner on the share icon.
  • In the top left corner of the pop-up window, click on “Get shareable link”
  • Change the setting to “Anyone at Muhlenberg College with this link can edit.
    • You all have to promise not to wreak havoc in somebody else’s files, but in case you accidentally do, reverting to a previous version is possible.
    • Because the link is only visible through the Canvas page for the participants in this course, you don’t have to worry about people outside our class seeing your work.
  • If you haven’t shared the link on the Canvas page yet, click “copy link”, then go to the Canvas page and add the link to your folder.

Declaration: Read this carefully, then go to Canvas and fill out the quiz (true/false)

  • I have written my weekly reflection, on the content of the readings and/or class discussions.
  • My blog post is added to the category HST269 OR my google doc includes my name, and I have set up the folder to be shared and accept comments.
  • I have participated in a group or have done my own analysis of the Zhou dynasty bronze inscriptions and submitted it via e-mail.
  • My name is somewhere on the document I submitted with the analysis.
  • Note: in question 2, you can specify on which aspect(s) of your weekly reflection you want feedback.